Donation Drive for Meals on Wheels!

Join Play NC and Meals on Wheels of Durham on April 24 to collect donations for PET FOOD!
Meals on Wheels Durham (MOWD) delivers to over 500 older adults in Durham County, and feeds almost 100 of their clients’ pets each week! Many of the seniors who receive daily meals share their food with their beloved pets, thereby limiting the nutritional effectiveness of the meal program. Programs like Paws of Durham help supplement this need, but the program primarily relies on pet food donated through outside sources. That is how we can help!
On April 24, all players are asked to bring any pet food that they would like to donate to this cause. MOW will be at Pineywood Baseball Field for Durham Softball games to collect your donations and help sign up volunteers who are interested in other ways to help MOW during the year. Each team will compete to donate the most pounds of cat or dog food, with all canned food counting 3x (eg. 1lb can of food = 3 points; 1lb of dry kibble = 1 points). This donation is completely optional and any amount helps!
– “Highly Digestible” Dog or Cat Treats = 1 Point per Pound
– Any Dry Food, Dog or Cat = 1 Point per Pound
– Adult “Small Dog” Formula Dry Food = 2 Points per Pound
– Canned Dog Food (Pull Top or Pouch) = 3 Points per Pound
– No Rawhide, please.
– No Canned Cat Food, please. We have enough already!
The team that receives the most points will earn an extra $50 for their own team’s charity, so every pound makes a difference!
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing everyone at the field!
Thank you all for participating with our pet food donation drive for Meals on Wheels Durham last Sunday!
Thanks to our players and fans, we were able to donate 3 lbs. of treats, 62 lbs. of cat food, and 352 lbs. of dog food, for a total of 417 lbs. of food for Meals on Wheels recipient’s pets!
Fittingly, the Meals on Wheels softball team came through for their cause and won the $50 donation for earning the most points during our donation drive! The Housing for New Hope team donated the most total pounds of food (141 lbs.), but MOW’s contributions got bonus points for helping with the highest demand for canned and small breed dog food. There wasn’t going to be a consolation prize, but the HNH team was so awesome with their donations that I’m adding a $25 donation to HNH for second place.
We’ll be doing another dog-related drive for non-food dog items to Vets to Vets United, Inc on Memorial Day as part of sponsoring one of their dogs for the year, so start collecting all non-food related dog items!
Honorable mention to the players of Don’t Waste Durham, The Animal Protection Society of Durham, and PORCH-Durham, who also made donations.
Thanks to Play NC Board Member Chuck McCall for organizing the event!