Field Clean-Up Day at Shepard Middle School

On Sunday, March 8, 15, and 22, you’re invited out to Shepard Magnet Middle School to help us prepare the baseball field for the upcoming season. We’ll be raking, tilling, and weeding in the infield from 12pm to 2pm each day. Hopefully, we can make it nice before our first game!
On March 15, we’ll also be meeting at Elmira Park at 11:00am to pick up trash and help clean the nearby city park for an hour. Afterwards, we’ll start working on the Shepard Baseball field at 12:00pm. If you just want to help with the baseball field, arrive at noon!
On March 22, we’ll be loading in a ton of new dirt for the infield. Wheel barrows, shovels, and buckets will be helpful!
If you’re interested in doing a bit of manual labor, we could use help with these things:
  • Repair / Secure Fencing.
  • Clean Trash / Leaves.
  • Sifting Dirt.
  • Edging / Lining.
  • Raking / Shoveling.
Please bring some water, a pair of gloves, and at least one of these items:
  • Pliers, to bend fence wire.
  • Digging Shovel, to dig/sift dirt.
  • Trowel, to dig/clean the bases/mound.
  • Leaf Rake, to pick up leaves.
  • Bow Rake, to sculpt the infield.
  • Hoe, to line the infield.
If you have any of these special tools, it would be especially helpful for you to bring them!
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Dirt Sifter
  • Lawn Edger / Trimmer
  • Sod Cutter
  • Tiller
Thanks for supporting our league! If you have any questions, or have additional tools/resources that you think would benefit our field preparations, please either comment on this Event or email Ryan.