Play NC hosts a Free Minecraft Server for North Carolina Players!

Join Play NC’s Survival Minecraft Server and craft with other local players from North Carolina! The world is designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for players of all skill levels, so I hope you’ll have fun creating cool structures and buildings with other miners and crafters from NC!

Version: Updated on 6/15/2021 to Version 1.17

Server Address:


  • Survival Mode: The classic survival game mode, set on Hard difficulty.
  • Economy: Earn server money for completing different quests, accomplishing goals, performing tasks related to your assigned job, and simply spending time on the server. Use the money you earn to purchase special blocks, set up shops, and buy items from other players.
  • Jobs: Select up to three different jobs at one time and earn special bonuses when you do certain things. eg. If you are a Hunter, you will earn more money when you kill mobs. If you are a Miner, you will earn more money when you break blocks. You can level up across 12 different job types and earn bonuses for reaching new levels. (Note: As of 6/15/2021, Jobs are currently disabled on Version 1.17 until the Jobs Reborn plugin updates to the newest version.)
  • Land Claims: Grief protection for blocks owned by the player. Stake your claim to permanently own areas of land, with special permissions and restrictions for other players to keep your homes and builds safe. You start with enough server money to purchase an entire chunk and can grown and protect your territory by adding to your land claim as you earn cash.
  • Shops: Set up your own shop in the center of town to sell extra items, or you can buy rare items from the server shops.

We hope you’ll have fun playing the game and look forward to seeing you in our Minecraft world! Anyone can explore the world, but you’ll need to be added to our server’s Player List to gain access to most of the features. To be added to our Whitelist, please send us a message with your Username and a brief statement to prove you are a North Carolina-based player so you can gain full access to the server.

Thank you for playing!